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Our Mission


Community AI
Through Harmonize Life, we intend to synergize personal growth and healing with community building while celebrating the transformative power of art and music. We believe that personal growth and healing are not just individual journeys but integral components of building stronger and more vibrant communities. Through artistic expression and the universal language of music, we strive to beautify and enrich the world around us.

We are artists, music lovers, teachers, practitioners and community builders and this is where we are offering our gifts to the world and the community around us. We look forward to serving you, while assisting you in creating an awesome life that feels great and inspires you !

Let's make the world a more vibrant place for everyone!

Leaf Stem

Meet the Founders

Harmonize Life is founded by Brandon Traciuk and Britten Daywell, a couple whose lives have been profoundly shaped by experiences of deep transformation. Brandon and Britten crossed paths, drawn together by a shared understanding of transformation and a deep desire to heal and empower others. 

Britten Portrait

Britten Daywell

I am a nurturer, health practitioner & earth-based wellness coach. I am also an artist and designer.  I help others develop rooted, earth-embodied confidence and resilience, find balance & achieve vibrant optimal health through deep nourishment. 

Brandon Portrait

Brandon Traciuk

I love to inspire and uplift those around me through art, music, and mentorship. I am passionate about leading others to their best selves and creating environments that bring a sense of peace and inspiration.

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