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Meet Brandon Traciuk


A Life of Transformation

Good day and howdy doody! My name is Brandon, and my life has been a profound journey of inner healing and self-discovery since a life-altering event in 2012. This transformative path led me to discover a myriad of tools that empowered me to rebuild my inner world and forge a new life. Initially immersed in mysticism, my journey took an unexpected turn when I found myself in a new role at a home remodeling company. Here, I learned from the ground up, from a basic laborer to a lead project manager, which taught me how to bring my intuitive insights into the practical realm. Through this process of rebuilding, I uncovered a passion for inspiring others through teaching and creative expression across various platforms. Now, I'm thrilled to build this business with my partner to share our experiences and gifts with the greater community.

Brandon Portrait


  • Reflexology Certification

  • Licensed Massage Therapist

  • Level II Acutonics Sound Healing

  • Psych-K Online Facilitator

My Path of Healing

In 2012, a major life event turned my world upside down, leaving me without a job, a home, or the support of my family. For a year, I struggled in darkness, feeling lost and hopeless, resorting to unhealthy coping mechanisms like drugs and escapism. It wasn't until I relocated to Detroit that I began my journey toward healing.

Exploring various modalities, including the use of plant medicines like psilocybin mushrooms, ayahuasca, and peyote, I unearthed deep ancestral traumas affecting both me and my family. This realization weighed heavily on me, prompting a committed effort to seek healing and self-empowerment. From that point on, I dedicated myself to finding a better path forward


  • 4 years of studying and teaching QiGong

  • 7 years of carpentry and construction business management

  • Entrepreneur

  • 10 years study of Sacred Geometry

  • 3D Modeling

  • Multi instrumental musical study

This marked the beginning of my exploration into various forms of healing and self-discovery. It all started with a consistent routine of yoga and exercise, which laid the foundation for my journey. Inspired by a profound spiritual experience, I pursued education in Massage Therapy, finding it to be a deeply healing process on multiple levels.

As I delved deeper, I embraced a spectrum of healing modalities including reiki, ecstatic dance, traditional psychotherapy, and meditation. Just before the onset of the pandemic in 2020, while attending a conference in Toronto with a close friend, I stumbled upon QiGong. Instantly captivated by its practicality in cleansing and nurturing my energetic body, I embraced it as a lifelong practice. Throughout the pandemic, I cultivated a daily QiGong routine, recognizing its profound impact on my well-being.

In 2023, I met Britten, and despite years of inner work, I realized there were still barriers hindering my ability to form deep, meaningful connections. Feeling adrift and emotionally disconnected, a transformative meditation session revealed the presence of my spirit guides, leading me to the work of Dr. Bruce Lipton and subsequently, PSYCH-K.

Recognizing PSYCH-K as the missing piece to effortlessly address deep-seated beliefs holding me back, I eagerly immersed myself in its study. Thanks to PSYCH-K, my life has continually expanded in remarkable ways, guiding me towards profound personal growth and fulfillment.

More Coming Soon....

Please join me and subscribe to the Harmonize Life YouTube channel below, where I will be going into further detail of my journey, experiences, and wisdom gained.
Sunrise over Mountains

Work with Brandon

Explore Brandon's offerings to help harmonize your mind and environment. 



Coaching w/Brandon

Change your internal subconscious beliefs and build the proper structures for you to build the best life for you. 


Design & Art Projects

Create the perfect environment that is organized and fills you with joy and passion.

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