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Meet Britten Daywell



Welcome to my world of holistic wellness and artistry!  Hello, hello, hi! : ) I'm Britten, and I'm delighted to have you here. My life has been a beautiful and unexpected exploration of self-discovery.  In 2000, I suffered a serious car injury.  With vigor, I remained a varsity and college athlete. Despite enjoying physical activity and team camaraderie, the training regimen didn't align with my path. Over time my body built up scar tissue & fascia, creating muscular compensation to hold itself, making it difficult to breathe and expand fully. found myself drawn to dance classes and the creative atmosphere of art, design, psychology and the environment, paving my own unique path.  After college, I forged my career path in the worlds of design, art, and architecture.


In 2009, I had an unexpected turn, which became a catalyst to break through & create new connections. This transformative path introduced me to incredible tools that, combined with my artistic talents and psychological insights, empowered me to rebuild both my inner and outer ecosystems. I am thrilled to be alongside my partner offering guidance and inspiring solutions to help you authentically thrive - via holistic wellness and artistic expression!

Holistic Wellness and Artistic Expression

Artist, Designer and Space Creator 

As a child, I accompanied my mom to architecture school, crafting my own models.  At home, I would sit in nature near the family workshop, observing my parents create intricate signs & furniture. In college, I loved making custom artwork frames with my dad. From a lineage of architectural and problem-solving minds pooled together with my creative spirit, "eye" for beauty and curious exploration, ignited a lifelong passion for the arts.


Armed with a Dual UM Arts & Architecture Degree and an LS&A Environment & Behavior multi-disciplinary degree, my approach to design was informed by a deep understanding of the intricate relationship between human behavior, and the environment.  My keen sensitivity to nature and my surroundings drove me to create spaces and objects that evoke feeling and inspire movement through space while maintaining function and order.


Immersive studies & travels across Europe enriched my architectural knowledge, artistic sensibilities and cultural influence. My freelance business, Daywell Designs, brought new experiences to life, crafting unique hand-crafted pieces and collaborating on diverse projects.  With my passion to uplift spirits and inspire purpose, my practice extends beyond traditional boundaries to embrace community initiatives and artistic endeavors. 

Meeting Brandon and realizing the synergy between our skillsets, we have united our expertise in art, design, construction, and project management, combined as Harmonic Studios. We're excited to create & transform your visions and ours into passion projects where imagination takes flight!


  • The School of Art & Design​ & Architecture University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI Bachelor of Fine Arts & Graphic Design

  • The School of Literature, Science & Arts University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI Individual Concentration Program: Environment & Behavior, Bachelor of Arts

  • Villa Corsi Salviatti, Sesto Fiorentino, Italy Summer Intensive Schooling in Architecture and Art History: UofM & Madison Wisconsin


  • 10 + Years Working in the Field Freelance, For Start Up & Established Companies:      Design Build, Interior Design, Graphic Design, & Architecture

Nurturing to Wellness


Friends have often grinned at my plates filled with artistically placed, colorful, nourishing meals and unique teas.  Nutrition brings me delight and pairs well with movement. As a combo, these daily practices connect me to my body's needs, vitality and create space to listen to my inner world.


Through resilience and revelation, I've learned to listen intently, A fateful collision, where I was lurched at during a high school auto class, marked the beginning of a journey filled with unexpected twists and turns.  Years later, a small car rear-ended me creating what I can describe as a profound "eye-opening experience," lasting nine months—digesting foods became arduous and my sensitivity to the world around me heightened, however, I felt tranquil, connected to subtle realms and something greater than me, guiding me to create a community center and community connections.  

I delved into an exploration of my body, emotions, and energy field. Day by day, I unearthed deeper insights, discovering new ways to nurture and care for myself. I embarked on a decade-long journey of apprenticeship with a diverse array of experts. Along the way, I collaborated with doctors, herbalists, reiki masters, massage therapists, yoga teachers, chiropractors, and an array of healers while engaged in practices like biofeedback, meditation, dance, and somatic practice, each contributing a unique piece to my puzzle. I embraced practices like wild foraging, cultivating my own foods, and creating custom herbal formulations under the guidance of a master herbalist.  I began to unravel the complexities of my equilibrium and set forth on my path to create connections within my community.

At farmers markets, I crafted delicious herbal remedies disguised as delectable treats and teas, forging connections and uncovering my love to work with clients 1 on 1. I refined my craft in a commercial kitchen, concocting creations, some of which will grace the shelves in new form as Harmonic Medicinals.

With newfound clarity and determination, I pursued formal education, honing my gifts and channeling them with intention. A pivotal six-year immersion in Taoist healing arts School enriched my understanding, enabling me to refine my technical bodywork and intricate manipulation of qi.  I Immersed myself in practices such as tai chi, nei gong, and qi gong.  I began to sense a growing desire to not only learn but also to refine, discern and fine-tune my skillsets, and to establish clearer boundaries around their use utilization.

I am so grateful for my teachers, continued learning, adventure and sense of playfulness - feeling activated and propelled. Please join me on the Be Well Nutrition & Qi Cultivation Page to learn more !

Realizing our shared vision of healing, growth, and vibrant living, Brandon and I are pumped to be here with you!  <3  <3  <3


  • Level II Inner Cultivation & Healing Certification - (2015-2022) Sun Shen Taoist School, Ann Arbor Michigan : Technical Bodywork & Technical Qi

  • Reiki II - Certified


  • "Lindera":  A 4 season Herbal Intensive, with Jim McDonald, SE Michigan - energetic folk herbalism school. 

  • Student of Inner Culture: Chinese Medicine Herbalist Certification Program.

  • Student @ The School of Modern Herbal Medicine w/Thomas Easley, Matthew Wood "The Theory and Application of Traditional Western Energetics”

  • Apprentice of George Vuevac - Lakota & Austrian Herbalist @ Ancient Formula

  • Assist in Mentorship program with Merri Walters: Healer & Flower Essence Creator

  • Apprenticeship with Cristo Bowers 

  • NEI Gong: Long Term Student of Pastor Alexis Neuhaus

  • Tai Chi & Qi Gong: Student of Greg @ Spiral Chi Center, Ypsilanti, MI

  • 12 + Years Self Study alongside Local Practitioners

  •  Over 10,000 hours Body Work / Distance Work with Classmates & Clients

Sunrise over Mountains

Work with Britten

Explore Britten's offerings to help bring more balance and harmony into your body and environment. 


Coaching w/Britten

Nurture, restore & activate your body and its subtle field to its most optimal state with nutrition, herbs, movement and qi healing. 


Design & Art Projects

Create your perfect environment that is organized and fills you with joy and passion.

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